Family-friendly structures

Child care facilities

  • Le Jardin des Particules Crèche – for children from the age 4 months until the age of 6
  • Agreements:
    • EVE Crèche (Meyrin, CH) – 20 places for children from the age of 4 months to 4 years
    • Le Jardin de Capucine (Saint Genis Pouilly, FR) – 40 places for children from the age of 4 months to 4 years
  • CWC Toddler Group

Find more information on childcare facilities here.



Parental leave possibilities (MPE)

  • Maternity leave shall not be less than 16 weeks and may be extended
    • By 3 weeks in the event of premature birth, multiple births, as of the second child, if the employed member of the personnel is a single-mother.
    • By 4 weeks for breastfeeding
  • Paternity leave – entitled to 10 working days + 3 working days for multiple births.
    • 5 additional days under certain conditions.
    • Regardless of gender of co-parent.
  • Adoption leave – entitled to 15 weeks remunerated
  • Parental leave – entitled to 4 months unremunerated, but child, family and infant allowances paid; health insurance coverage funded by the Organization.


Other forms of leave (MPE)

  • Leave in the event of illness of a close relative - maximum of 7 days/year of remunerated leave (with medical certificate). In the case of single parents, this leave shall be increased by 5 days when it is granted in the event of serious illness of a dependent child.
  • Leave for family reasons – marriage of member of personnel 3 days; death of spouse, child, own parents 3 days; death of brother, sister, parent in law or step-parent 1 day.
  • Compassionate leave – maximum 3 months to care for a close relative – unremunerated
Find detailed information on leave possibilities here.


Post Career Break Fellowship

We welcome people back. People can be out of the workforce for various reasons, over different periods of time. Our Post Career Break Fellowship is created to facilitate a good return to work after a break.

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