Spouse/partner support

As an international organisation, CERN recruits internationally and is committed to providing support for family members accompanying its employed members of the personnel as they integrate into the local region. To this end, the Organization offers spouses/partners several services to facilitate their transition to their new environment, both socially and professionally.

Part of the services below are also available to associate members of the personnel.

1Spouse Welcome
The aim of Spouse Welcome is to facilitate integration by meeting other newcomers and to provide the opportunity to interact with some internal services of CERN and three external local networks. The topics discussed are: accommodation, childcare, education, CERN Health Insurance Scheme, spouse employment and language courses. Find more information on the integration of families on this page and in this brochure. 
à Available to Staff members and Fellows as well as Administrative, Technical and Doctoral students.

Obtaining a CERN access card
Spouses may obtain a CERN access card from the Registration Service to enable them use the facilities on-site, e.g. the cafeteria. For the procedure see: http://admin-eguide.web.cern.ch/en/procedure/cern-access-card.
à Available to all CERN members of personnel.

Obtaining a “permis Ci” work permit
Spouses of CERN members of the personnel, residing in Switzerland, can obtain a Swiss working permit through CERN for the duration of the employment contract with CERN. Find the procedure here: http://admin-eguide.web.cern.ch/en/procedure/swiss-cards (See: 3. Application for a "permis Ci” certificate).
à Available to Staff and Fellows as well as to associate members of the personnel under certain conditions.

Language courses
French and English classes at CERN are open to spouses to participate (subject to a charge). Find details in the CERN training catalogue. See: https://hr.web.cern.ch/language-courses.
à Available to all CERN members of personnel.

Monthly workshops run by the University of Geneva Welcome Center
Spouses have access to the monthly workshops on professional transition to Switzerland organised by the Welcome Center of the University of Geneva and Carriere2 (subject to a charge). Find the programme here.
à Available to all CERN members of personnel.

International Dual Career Network (IDCN)
Spouses have access to IDCN, Lake Geneva region, a network aimed at facilitating their job search. Events are organized throughout the year to give members an opportunity to collect information on the regional job market, receive advice from Human Resources professionals, meet with recruiters of the IDCN corporate members and network with other recently relocated spouses. Please click here for more information. To sign your spouse up, please contact Diversity.Inclusion@cern.ch.
à Available to Staff members and Fellows as well as Administrative, Technical and Doctoral students.

Employment @ CERN
CERN has no restriction with regards to dual employment or association. Spouses may apply to any of the programs available on CERN/jobs.
à Available to all CERN members of personnel.

Social Affairs Service
The on-site Social Affairs Service team offers information on integration and stay in the area. Check their website.
à  Available to all CERN members of personnel.

CERN Activity and Sports Clubs
CERN clubs offer an array of sports, leisure and cultural activities, for CERN personnel and their families. Find a list at http://staff-association.web.cern.ch/clubs
à Available to all CERN members of personnel.

1In the text, the term “spouse” includes registered partner.


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