CERN took part in the Girls in ICT Day

Submitted by kkaltenh on Mon, 04/27/2015 - 09:03

"On 23 April this year, the fifth annual "International Girls in ICT Day” took place: events all over the world gave young women the chance to see Information and Communication Technologies from a new perspective, encouraging them to imagine a career in the field. This year, CERN took part!"


Read the full Bulletin article on the event here and have a look at the photos taken throughout the day here!

Also watch these two short videos by the US Permanent Mission to Geneva and ITU  as a nice summary of the day!

Thank you to everyone who helped making this a successful day!

From left to right: Joao Antunes Pequenao, Stella Christodoulaki, Eva Tolosa, Denise Heagerty, Valentina Mancinelli, Catharine Noble, Ksenja Kusmin, Jenny Rompa, Kristin Kaltenhauser, Laurianne Noemie Trimoulla,Francois Briard