Diversity Office took part in CERN’s High School Teacher Programme

Submitted by kkaltenh on Thu, 07/09/2015 - 00:00

The Diversity team collaborates with the CERN High School Teacher Programme this year for the first time to engage girls’ interest in science. The 3-week residential programme in July is an opportunity for teachers around the world to update their knowledge of particle physics, associated technologies and subjects. The goal is for the teachers to take home their newly acquired knowledge to include in their teaching curriculum.

The Diversity team has worked close with the Education Group already in the previous years to promote the best possible representation of women ‘role model’ lecturers. This year, in cooperation with Jeff Wiener from CERN’s S’Cool Lab, there is a work group dedicated to the topic of “Girls in the physics classroom”. During their three week stay, the six participants that signed up will work with research in science didactics and CERN scientists on guidelines on how to introduce particle physics to the classroom, engaging boys’ as well as girls’ interest.

Teachers are key when it comes to encouraging kids to science. They have the opportunity to fight stereotypes early in the life of the students and the perception that natural sciences are for males only. They are a key influence for cultural and societal changes and we are looking forward to working with them and get inspired as well on how to positively impact women’s representation is Science, Technology and Engineering.