Expanding your Horizons - for more women in science and technology

Submitted by kkaltenh on Wed, 10/21/2015 - 00:00


CERN workshop at "Expanding your Horizons 2015" (Image: Jane del Pozo)

Expanding your horizons is a bi-annual “Science Day” for girls aged 11 to 14, held this year at the University of Geneva on 14 November. The girls will have the opportunity to take part in hands-on workshops held by local professional women in the field of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. For the fourth time, CERN will be part of this event, offering three workshops:

“Seeing the invisible – jump into the skin of a physicist for an hour and discover the universe’s mysteries…”

“Any cooler and you freeze! Great cold fun and treats with liquid nitrogen”

“Around and around we go – build your own accelerator”

The Diversity Office in collaboration with CERN MediaLab will have a booth at the Discovery Fair, giving the girls an opportunity to get an insight into the CERN world. The interactive visualization of the Higgs field, “Higgnite”, will take the girls further into the world of physics.

See more pictures of the event on CDS and read the Bulletin article on the event here.