Support for early careers in science at CERN. Understanding expectations.

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Thank you to all participants for the interesting discussions and ideas!

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Friday 8 April at 10:30 – 12: 00 am in the Council Chamber. “Support for early careers in science at CERN. Understanding expectations.” Presenting the results of a research study carried out at CERN and taking a gender perspective.

In 2014 and 2015, at the instigation of the CERN Diversity Office, social science researchers, namely Dr Klea Faniko, in collaboration with Prof. Naomi Ellemers and Prof. Belle Derks (all currently with Utrecht University (NL)) carried out a research study amongst CERN contributors, examining different factors influencing the career of junior scientists. Interviews and surveys were conducted at CERN with junior and senior scientists, investigating questions such as: How can supervisors support the career of junior scientists? What is expected of a good supervisor? Can mentoring programmes facilitate the career of scientists at an early stage of their career? What is expected of a mentor? How can mentors support junior scientists to advance in their career? What about work-life balance? Are there different perceptions and expectations between men and women at CERN?

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