CERN to discuss gender stereotypes with students

Submitted by kkaltenh on Wed, 05/11/2016 - 00:00

On Tuesday, the Diversity Office together with the CERN PACMAN project welcomed three girls from the International School in Geneva to support them in their school project on female stereotypes in the workforce. Their goal was to find out how to battle stereotypes regarding traditionally male and female professions at their school by interviewing Kristin Kaltenhäuser, from the CERN Diversity Office, Tommaso Portaluri and Silvia Zorzetti from the PACMAN project. The discussion centered on the situation of women at CERN and how the students can raise awareness among their classmates on prevailing and outdated stereotypes. At the end CERN was invited to give a talk at the International School of Geneva on the topic, which we happily accepted.

After the discussion the girls went on a private tour of the Mircocosm from Silvia, who is a CERN fellow in engineering and a great role model for the girls.

It was an interesting discussion for us as well!

Silvia Zorzetti, Tommaso Portaluri, Kristin Kaltenhauser and the three girls from the International School of Geneva