CERN's Diversity Office is joining efforts with science teachers

Submitted by idimitra on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 13:04

For the third consecutive year, the CERN Diversity Office facilitated a work group with science teachers on the topic of gender inclusive teaching in the framework of the CERN International Teacher Programme.

The science teachers participating in this year's
Gender Inclusive Teaching work group (Image: CERN)

The CERN International Teacher Programme welcomes high school science teachers from around the world who would like to update their knowledge of particle physics, learn more about educational resources available, and collaborate with fellow science teachers of different nationalities. During the three weeks' programme, all teachers collaborate in work groups on various topics; “Gender Inclusive Teaching” is one of them.

This year’s work group outcome is a collaborative tool:

This is a place for physics teachers to share resources, tips, and ideas for creating an inclusive classroom environment and ultimately working towards establishing a better gender balance in the fields of physics and engineering.



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