A great day for girls in science, in the Geneva region

Submitted by idimitra on Mon, 11/20/2017 - 10:38

A few days ago, on 18 November, CERN participated in the biennial "Expanding your Horizons - Geneva" event for the 5th time, at the University of Geneva.

Female students taking a quiz around particles, created by CERN's science education specialists,
at the Expanding your Horizons event. (Image: Stefanie Sapountzi)

The free event is organised by the "Elargis tes Horizons" association, which belongs to the wider Expanding your Horizons (EYH) network. EYH is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing gateway Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiences to middle and high school girls that spark interest in STEM activities and careers. ​

In the framework of the event, CERN offered participants
3D virtual visits to the CERN Control Center and the CMS Experiment. (Image: Elargis tes Horizons)

This year, approximately 450 students had the opportunity to take part. The event was an excellent opportunity for female students to learn more about physics, coding, geology, drones, and numerous other subjects while taking part in hand-on experiments.  Parents were also invited to a workshop on how to encourage and support girls to maintain an interest in STEM at school and later to consider a career in these fields.

A dynamic interdisciplinary group of more than 30 women from CERN joined efforts to design and run the workshops, and provide activities for the students. CERN offered four workshops: "Any cooler and you freeze! Great cold fun and treats with liquid nitrogen", "Around and around we go - build your own accelerator!", "Seeing the invisible - jump into the skin of a physicist for an hour and discover the universes mysteries" and "Build your world in code - spawn chickens, shear sheep and chase zombies with Minecraft."





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