The 25 by '25 journey

The 25 by '25 strategy is a long-term commitment to boosting diversity within the MPE population, in two dimensions in which CERN reports on; gender and nationality. The image below "the strategy in a nutshell" gives a schematic overview of the project.

We appreciate all the efforts and advancements which have already taken place within these two areas, and the 25 by '25 strategy aims to gather all the efforts and accelerate them through a leadership-led and collaborative CERN-wide approach.

The measures of 25 by '25 will be reported on an annual basis to the CERN Enlarged Directorate, with more regular departmental reporting. 

(A FAQ is being developed.)

The journey:

  • Step 1: Endorsement from the Extended Directorate and Director-General - Achieved March 2021)
  • Step 2 (current phase Q2): Department Heads to assign 25 by '25 Focal Points (our key change makers!) and organise initial kick-off meetings to get an overview, then set the scope, targets, and measures per department - The first kick-off meetings are already completed, and the rest are schedule or in process
  • Step 3 (Q2-Q3): Department-tailored "Fitness plans" ready.
  • Ongoing: IR and HR to develop the 25 by '25 Communications strategy. Definition of regular reporting, adjusting, and engaging the Experiments.

... Stay tuned!

What is our starting point?

31.12.2020 Gender and Nationality distribution (Note: 'STEM' disciplines at CERN comprise the professional categories: Research physicists, Scientific and engineering work and Technical work).

As of September 2021, the 12 Member and Associate Member States considered to be "under-represented" with respect to Staff members at CERN compared to their contribution to the budget are, in alphabetical order: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Norway, Pakistan, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey.

Further statistics can be found in the CERN annual Personnel Statistics.

Gender distribution: Employed Members of the Personnel


Nationality distribution: Employed Members of the Personnel


The strategy in a nutshell

Summary Slide


Departmental Diversity and Inclusion Officers (DIO) list: