5-yearly Review (2015) - Diversity measures - Overview of the changes

Measures Past situation What has changed?
Full recognition of registered partnerships
  • Recognition of partnerships limited to certain benefits for employed members of personnel
  • No benefits for registered partners of MPAs
  • Equal benefits for married and partnered couples during employment or association contract (MPEs and MPAs)
  • Equal provisions regarding pension benefits, including survivor’s pension, for MPEs
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Parental leave review
  • Maximum duration: 3 months
  • Unpaid, no health insurance coverage, no family benefits paid.
  • Maximum duration: 4 months
  • Unpaid, but child, family and infant allowances paid; health insurance coverage funded by the Organization
Maternity leave review
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Extension under certain conditions
  • No part-time work possible in pre-natal period
  • Same duration, but additional possibilities for extension
  • Part-time work possible during the last weeks of the prenatal period
  • Increased health protection for fellows on maternity leave at the end of their contract
Paternity leave review
  • Duration: 6 working days
  • Provision for fathers only
  • Duration: 10 working days
  • 5 additional days under certain conditions
  • Extension of scope of paternity leave to any MPE, regardless of gender after their spouse or partner has given birth
Increased flexibility for new parents  
  • Guaranteed access to part-time work (min. 80%; max. 6 months)
SLS flexibility
  • Cost of first SLS slice: 1.5%
  • Cost of second slice: 2.5%
  • Reduction of the costs:
  • 1% for first slice
  • 2% for second slice
  • Increased flexibility in the change / cancellation of subscription notice period
LTSLS flexibility
  • Use of long-term saved leave at the end of the contract
  • Additional possibility to use the long-term saved leave for specific needs throughout the career (e.g. care for a close relative suffering from a serious illness, or for professional development)
Leave donation


  • Possibility to donate leave days for compassionate reasons under strict conditions
Teleworking flexibility
  • Label: work-from-home
  • Possibility to work from home one day per week
  • Provision for staff members only
  • New label: teleworking, to give possibility of teleworking from another location than home
  • Exceptional second day of teleworking under certain conditions (health condition, family circumstances)
  • Introduction of teleworking for fellows
  • Possibility of occasional ad-hoc teleworking if approved by the hierarchy
Dual career support
  • Administrative support
  • Possibility to attend CERN language courses
  • Possibility to take part in CERN Clubs
  • Individual support of the CERN Social Affairs Service
  • Additional services to facilitate social and professional transition to the area
Installation and re-installation indemnity
  • Amount was conditioned by the spouse /partner relocating to the area
  • Equal treatment for installation irrespective of spouse/registered partner moving to local area

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