Code of Conduct

The CERN Code of Conduct is furthering excellence through our five core values:

The Diversity Value

Appreciating differences, fostering equality, and promoting collaboration. 

CERN's excellence derives from an environment in which the knowledge and perspectives of a diverse workforce are valued and dialogue is encouraged at all levels. 

As CERN contributors, we:

  • Respect and value differences.
  • Promote inclusiveness in the workplace in terms of both personal characteristics and professional abilities.
  • Demonstrate team spirit and invest in team building.
  • Treat others with tact, courtesy and respect.
  • Abstain from and actively discourage discrimination in all forms.
  • Avoid offending others by exercising restraint, and are aware that statements or actions not intended to be offensive to another person may be perceived as such. 
  • Refrain from unpleasant or disparaging remarks or actions, in particular on the basis of sex, age, religion, beliefs, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, status at CERN, disability, or family situation. 


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