Diversity books at the CERN Library

There are several books available at the CERN Library related to the topics of diversity.

(in French) K. Faniko, D. Bourguinon, O. Sarrasin, S. Guimond (2018): Psychologie de la discrimination et des préjugés : de la théorie à la pratique: Bruxelles : De Boeck

Sobel, Dava (2017): The glass universe : how the ladies of the Harvard observatory took the measure of the stars  New York, NY : Penguin Books

Steele, Claude M. (2010): Whistling Vivaldi : and other clues to how stereotypes affect us New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Co,

(in French) Cohen L. (2012): Pourquoi les filles sont si bonnes en maths : et 40 autres histoires sur le cerveau de l’homme: Paris: Odile Jacob

Allard M. J. and Harvey C. P. (2015): Understanding an Managing Diversity. New Jersey: Pearson Education.

Gaillard M. K. (2015): A singularly unfeminine profession. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific.

Guénette, A. M. et al. (2014): Management interculturel, altérité, et identités. Paris : L'Harmattan.

Johnson S. (2012): Where good ideas come from: the seven patterns of innovation. London: Penguin Books.

Kennedy D. (2008): Putting our differences to work: the fastest way to innovation, leadership, and high performance. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publisher.

Leonard D. and Swap W. (2005): When sparks fly: harnessing the power of group creativity. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

Loden M. (1996): Implementing diversity. Boston: McGraw Hill.

Sloane P. (2012): The leader’s guide to lateral thinking skills – unlocking the creativity and innovation in you and your team. London: Kogan Page.

Swaby, R. (2015): Headstrong: 52 women who changed science, and the world. New York: Broadway Books.

Ting-Toomey S. and Oetzel J.G. (2001): Managing intercultural conflict effectively. London: Sage Publications.