Diversity in Action workshop

Would you like to learn how stereotypes form?
How they could affect your professional life?

Would you like to explore ways to recognise and overcome unconscious bias?

The Diversity in Action workshop is an interactive one day workshop offered to all CERN members of personnel twice a year.

This interactive workshop is designed to help explore the meaning and importance of diversity at CERN. Using participative multi-media methods and case studies from the CERN work environment, the participants are provided with insights into the different dimensions of diversity which help develop greater sensitivity to differences. Ways to recognise and overcome biases are explored and thereby strengthen our tradition of inclusiveness at CERN. The workshop is facilitated by QED Consulting.

What former participants thought...

“[The workshop] made me realize many things about the organization and myself... It was really instructive!”

“Diversity concerns everyone!”

“We all need to work together to keep the diversity alive at CERN. Everyone has at least some level of unconscious bias and it is important that we learn how to change our way of thinking.”

"Thought-provoking workshop. Very useful and insightful with in-depth research-based data underpinning it."


The next edition of the Diversity in Action workshop shall be announced to all CERN members of personnel. 
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