Informal Networks

Framework for the publishing of an Informal Network

Informal Networks permit CERN contributors who share an identifiable common interest in work-related issues to keep in contact with each other and to exchange ideas, information and experiences related to their integration at CERN. Informal Networks provide fora for discussion and support as well as, if necessary, informal interaction with the CERN management; they do not provide a political platform or participate in collective bargaining.

The Diversity Programme publishes a list of Informal Networks the missions of which are related to the aims and principles of the Programme.

The Diversity Programme Leader has discretion as to the Informal Networks to be listed. Any employed member of the CERN personnel can ask the Diversity Programme to list an Informal Network on submission of a written request explaining its context and purpose together with a brief mission statement and contact information for use in the listing. This person assumes responsibility and acts as contact person for the Informal Network concerned.

The Diversity Programme communicates periodically with the person responsible for each listed Informal Network to ensure the Network’s continued existence. It does not participate in the organization of Informal Networks nor does it have access to their mailing list(s) or other internal documents.

Informal Networks are expected to properly coordinate their participant registration process and to keep personal data confidential. [Failure to comply with these obligations could result in the Informal Network no longer being listed by the Diversity Programme, as well as in such other measures as are deemed appropriate by CERN]. Participants in Informal Networks must conduct themselves in accordance with their obligations under the CERN Staff Rules and Regulations as well as with the CERN Code of Conduct.


List of Informal Networks at CERN: