The International Dual Career Network facilitating the job search of your spouse/partner

Spouses/partners of CERN members of the personnel have access to IDCN, a network in the Lake Geneva region, aimed at facilitating job search for their recently relocated mobile employees’ spouses/partners. Events are organized throughout the year in different locations to give members an opportunity to collect information on the regional job market, receive advice from Human Resources professionals, meet with recruiters of the corporate members and network with other spouses/partners in the region.

Image: Alexander Petrenko ( - IDCN
Image: Alexander Petrenko ( - IDCN

Below you can find further information on the Network and its benefits and the IDCN Membership principles. You can also find more information on the IDCN website.

Here is what to do if you are interested in signing up for the IDCN: 

- You can sign up directly following this link
- You can reach out to IDCN for more information on membership via this e-mail: 

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IDCN webinar with CERN

You are invited to meet CERN & IDCN on the 4th February from 10.00-11.30!
Please see Indico event for program and registration.