IT Tools - for remote work

Skype for Business

This tool is well integrated with CERN services (phone system, phonebook, mail system etc).

It gives the possibility of using CERN landline (fixed) number anywhere around the world where the Internet is available. Phone calls can be placed using different applications: Windows/Mac, or the Skype application available on smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.

Skype for Business also provides collaboration tools: instant messaging, presence, possibility to share a screen of a computer with other people (working on the same document at the same time).


Sharepoint 2013

SharePoint is a collaboration web based platform. CERN users can create a collaboration site on Sharepoint 2013 from CERN web services ( The platform provides range of tools that facilitate team work: uploading documents, possibility to work on the same document (only modified parts are locked for editing), possibility to use “Forum” to exchange ideas etc.


Terminal Services

Allows to login and to use application that are available at CERN (Office, Acrobat etc). Very convenient for people that doesn’t have CERN laptop and would like to use CERN standard applications at home or while travelling.  



Videoconferencing system that allow to make point-to-point or multipoint videoconference meetings from desktop machines, tablets and smartphones.