Promoting gender equality

  • The 2018 “International Conference on High Energy Physics” (ICHEP) hosted a session on: “Diversity and Inclusion”; on behalf of CERN, Geneviève Guinot delivered two presentations. 

  • On 5 June 2018, the Diversity Office organised a workshop, inviting scholars and field experts from OECD, UNIGE and IOP and presenting on its own activity, on the topic of Gender Equality in Education.

  • The CERN Diversity Office is rolling out a module on Gender Inclusive Teaching in National Teacher Programmes. In this framework, it organises a two-hour workshop with scholars and field experts on 5 June 2018 in Council Chamber, at CERN.

  • On 26 April 2018, over 150 girls participated in a variety of interactive workshops and mentoring sessions at ITU headquarters in Geneva, centered around the theme “Expand horizons, change attitudes.”  These local school girls, aged 13 to 17, learned all about the latest technologies and acquired important digital skills and technical tools that can be used in their daily lives.

  • CERN develops and hosts various activities to encourage female students to take up science subjects and women to enter the fields of science, technology and engineering. The Django Girls workshop that took place on 23 and 24 March at CERN’s IdeaSquare is the latest such initiative.

  • 8 March is International Women's Day, an occasion celebrated by the United Nations since 1975, and first observed as National Woman's Day in the United States on 28 February 1909. 8 March is now celebrated in numerous countries around the world. This year's International Women's day topic is "Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives".

  • How can we employ environmental nudges and people analytics to address inequalities?

    On 7 February 2018, CERN Head of Human Resources, James Purvis took part in the “EnGENDERing Success in STEM” workshop, which was organised by Crédit Suisse and took place at EPFL.

  • With 11 February marking the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, female physicists, engineers and computer scientists from CERN and from Fermilab share their experiences of building a career in science. Which is this year’s focus? Women working in technology and computing!

  • A few days ago, on 18 November, CERN participated in the biennial "Expanding your Horizons - Geneva" event for the 5th time, at the University of Geneva.

    The free event is organised by the "Elargis tes Horizons" association, which belongs to the wider Expanding your Horizons (EYH) network. EYH is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing gateway Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiences to middle and high school girls that spark interest in STEM activities and careers. ​

  • For the third consecutive year, the CERN Diversity Office facilitated a work group with science teachers on the topic of gender inclusive teaching in the framework of the CERN International Teacher Programme.
    This year’s work group outcome is a collaborative tool: