Diversity Policy

CERN’s Diversity Policy (2014) is based on the three principles of “appreciating differences, fostering equality and promoting collaboration”.

The policy aims at achieving:

  • an optimally diverse workforce;
  • creativity and innovation stemming from a diversity of ideas and perspectives; and
  • a work environment that reflects CERN’s diversity value in the Organization’s policies, procedures and practice.

Resource: Diversity Policy

CERN Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all CERN contributors, ie. the employed personnel, the associated members of personnel (Users in the Experiments), contractors etc. The Code of Conduct sets out common standards of behaviour based on CERN’s 5 core values: Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism, Creativity, and Diversity.

If you witness or experience a serious violation of the Code, you ought to address it. Ideally, you should discuss it in a constructive manner with your colleague, using the Code as a vehicle for dialogue. Should circumstances not make it possible, or appropriate, to have this form of discussion, you may contact your hierarchy, the Human Resources Department the Ombuds Office.

Resource: CERN Code of Conduct

Staff Rules and Regulations Staff Regulation R.II 1.06

The Organization promotes the added value of workforce diversity, reaffirms quality of treatment and does not discriminate between members of its personnel, in particular with regard to nationality, gender, age, profession and individual differences such as belief, opinion, sexual orientation or disability (see Preamble).

The Organization must ensure that the composition of selection boards and committees is inclusive with respect to gender (subject to availability of qualified persons) (see R II 1.06).

Resource: Staff Regulation R.11 1.06

5 Yearly Review

Every 5 years, CERN carries out a formal review and assessment of the financial and social conditions applicable to the members of the personnel. The purpose of the “5 yearly review” is to ensure that CERN remains competitive in attracting new personnel and retaining the personnel it has. (see Staff Rules and Regulations, Annex A 1)

The assessment of the social conditions includes a detailed benchmarking survey carried out by external experts, which benchmarks CERN against 7 international organisations across gender diversity; work-life balance policies; support structures for diverse communities, etc)

Resource: HR 5 Yearly Review

Anti-Harassment Policy

Harassment means unwelcome behaviour that has the effect of violating a person's dignity and/or creating a hostile work environment. Such behaviour is contrary to the principles of equal opportunity, non-discrimination and mutual respect. Moreover, it is detrimental to health and safety at the workplace and the good functioning of the Organization in general. For these reasons, the Organization does not tolerate harassment, which can result in administrative and/or disciplinary action.

Any person wishing to file a formal harassment complaint should follow the procedure defined in Operational Circular 9 and submit it to the HIP Chair

Resource: CERN Anti-Harassment Policy

Administrative Circular No. 2 on Recruitment

Provides that in the recruitment process, the responsible persons shall ensure that the Organization complies with the principles of equal treatment and diversity. (See I.B.3)

Resource: Administrative Circular No. 2

CERN Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

As set out in the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, by 2022 all public bodies, research organisations or higher education institutions established in an EU Member State must have in place a Gender Equality Plan (“GEP”) “or equivalent” to be eligible for participation in Horizon Europe projects.

A GEP is: “a set of commitments and actions that aim to promote gender equality in an organisation through a process of structural change”. Through its past and ongoing actions and initiatives, including the “25 by ‘25” strategy, CERN fully meets the GEP criteria.

Resource: CERN Gender Equality Plan