Training available at CERN

There are many courses available on the CERN Learning Hub; here is a (non-exhaustive) selection of some of the courses available relating to diversity and inclusion.

  • Active Bystander (on-line)
    • The Active Bystander programme aims to empower staff to challenge poor behaviours, and bring about cultural change through the reinforcement of messages defining the boundaries of unacceptable behaviour.
  • Communication: Science or Art? + Effective cross-culture communication (in-person)
    • Gain an understanding of culture and its impact on communication in a diverse workplace, and explore own self-limiting beliefs, the link to culture and tools to overcome them.
  • Diversité dans le langage: s'exprimer de façon inclusive du point de vue du genre (in-person)
  • iFIND... a solution to my conflict (in-person)
    • For anyone who wishes to solve conflict based on the principles of non-violent communication.
  • Taking the Lead - Creating a culture of respect (on-line)
    • Explore the nature of harassment and other forms of unacceptable behaviour and how it manifests at CERN; identify enabling factors of harassment and consider practical advice and leadership interventions.
  • Selecting the Right person for CERN (in-person or on-line)
    • Recommended for anyone involved in the recruitment and selection of staff, fellows or students.
    • Understand unconscious bias and how to reduce it during the selection process.
  • Coffee Machine : Who rinses the cups? (in-person)
    • Learn how to recognise gender-based discrimination in interpersonal workplace relationships.
    • Understand how you can personally intervene to diffuse a situation of discrimination at work.
    • Analyse the systemic challenges of certain workplace dynamics.
  • Respect in the Workplace (e-resources)
  • Workshop on Blind Spots and Bias Busters (on-line)
    • This workshop provides a framework and tools to help you change your behaviours and practices in order to improve team dynamics and organisational performance by being more inclusive.


This is our "Introduction To..." the various communities and issues which contribute to identity-based diversity at CERN. This is by no means a complete list, but aims to provide pointers for awareness and further information.