Harassment and Misconduct

Harassment means unwelcome behaviour that has the effect of violating a person's dignity and/or creating a hostile work environment. Such behaviour is contrary to the principles of equal opportunity, non-discrimination and mutual respect.

Moreover, it is detrimental to health and safety at the workplace and the good functioning of the Organization in general. For these reasons, the Organization does not tolerate harassment, which can result in administrative and/or disciplinary action.

Informal Resolution and Support

The Organization affirms equality of treatment between people as one of the basic principles of its personnel policy and strives for a working environment where respect for the individual is paramo​unt and difference is considered an asset. It encourages early communication and prompt resolution of complaints. The Ombud can assist in the informal resolution process and should be contacted for advice as soon as possible.

Guidance, Mediation, and Formal Response Channels

CERN's Code of Conduct provides for common basic standards of behavior to help us understand how to conduct ourselves, treat others and expect to be treated in accordance with the CERN values.

CERN's Operational Circular no. 9 provides the principles and procedures governing complaints of harassment. See also HR's anti-harassment policy Contact Channels for more information.

Please note the Diversity & Inclusion Programme does not handle individual cases involving disciplinary matters, such as harassment, discrimination or misconduct