Diversity & Inclusion Networks

These networks permit CERN contributors who share an identifiable common interest in work-related issues to keep in contact with each other and to exchange ideas, information and experiences related to their integration at CERN. The networks provide a place for discussion and support.

Diversity Initiatives of Experiments & Working Groups

CERN is an experiment site, and as such there are always collaborations among various institutions worldwide to research on a specific subject. The four biggest collaborations have been at CERN for many years now and each host more than a thousand people. Because of their size and their intention to stay, as well as because the importance of the topic, each collaboration has established their own D&I office.
These specific initiatives have the advantage to be closer to the collaborations’ members, capable of addressing specific local issues, or escalate them to the general CERN D&I Programme, with whom are in close contact. There are also certain working groups in certain areas of CERN addressing local D&I related issues.

External networks with CERN

CERN maintains links with other intergovernmental bodies who share a common interest in promoting diversity and inclusion.