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Statistics of CERN personnel - generated each year by the HR Department - can be found in the CERN Annual Personnel Statistics.

Staff by category and contract type

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Proportion of female staff

Diversity Roundtable Recommendations

DIVERSITY ROUNDTABLE RECOMMENDATION NO. 2020-03 Extension of employment contract following maternity leave (Fellows)
DIVERSITY ROUNDTABLE RECOMMENDATION NO. 2020-02 Gender-neutral language in Staff Rules & Regulations
DIVERSITY ROUNDTABLE RECOMMENDATION NO. 2020-01 Making CERN’s Science Gateway accessible and inclusive


Trans*, non-binary and gender non-conforming workers in international Geneva (M. Frey, Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung, 2022)

Development of Web Accessibility Recommendations for CERN (C. Noble, CERN/University of Nottingham, 2021)

Diversity Management, when policies meet practices: the case study of CERN (L. Duret, CERN/University of Lausanne, 2018)

L’inclusion des personnes handicapées dans l’emploi : Le cas de l'Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire (CERN) (M. Martínez-Cabañas Rodríguez, CERN, 2016)

Ensuring optimal gender representation in recruitment and selection: the case of CERN (M. Sgouraki, Manchester University, 2015)