"Diversity is an asset of humanity,
it’s our richness,
and we have to use it in the best possible way."

– Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General

Our Values

Diversity, or the bringing together of people from different countries and cultures to work on a common goal, has been an integral part of CERN’s mission since its foundation. With it, we are able to achieve the incredible – pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

CERN's Diversity Policy is based on three key values: 


Appreciating differences

Leveraging the added value that comes from bringing together people of different nationalities, genders, professions, ages, as well as their individual differences, and enabling them all to contribute to their full potential.


Fostering equality

Optimising talent and performance through a leadership culture that focuses on fair treatment and rules out all forms of discrimination and bias.


Promoting collaboration

Creating an inclusive work environment based on mutual respect and exchange, in order to ensure that no one is isolated and that everyone feels encouraged to contribute and participate actively in the Organization.


25 by 25

The 25 by '25 strategy aims to boost the diversity of gender and nationality within the Staff and Fellows population at CERN. 

We aim to accelerate the process of increasing the proportion of women to 25% by Q4 2025, with a particular focus on STEM.

We also aim to create a balance of nationalities in any Department or Group, to reduce clusters or boost those who are underrepresented.