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Diversity & Inclusion at CERN

The Diversity & Inclusion lanyard

Created in collaboration with CERN’s graphic design team, the new lanyard is made from recycled plastic and features vibrant, merging particles that celebrate the diversity of our personnel and our collaborative, inclusive workplace culture.

We are currently out of stock but a new delivery of 10,000 has arrived. We are looking forward to handing them out on the return to site. Stay tuned!




When we create a work environment in which we can bring our full selves to work, that is when we experience our full potential.
- Louise Carvalho, CERN D&I Programme Leader




Diversity at CERN

Diversity & Inclusion at CERN is based on the three principles of "appreciating differences, fostering equality and promoting collaboration", which are drawn from CERN's Diversity value. 

Diversity & Inclusion aims at achieving an optimally diverse workforce; the creativity and innovation that comes form a diversity of ideas and perspectives, and an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity value in all policies, procedures and practices.

An inclusive culture is a shared responsibility between all the stakeholders of the Organization and applies to all CERN contributors.

The Diversity Value from CERN Code of Conduct: