Micro-talk: Intergenerational dynamics in the workplace

Learn how to lead, engage and collaborate in a multi-generational workplace. 

Generation Y sees the world differently from any other generation in modern memory, and nowhere is this more evident than in the workplace.  What older generations call a poor work ethic from a spoiled generation, Gen Y sees as a different way of getting things done. Companies that don’t get on board risk losing the diverse, young talent that is critical for them to be able to compete.  There has been plenty of literature and discussion on ‘how to manage the youngest generations’. If their paradigms of work and ‘how to be led’ are indeed very different to those of their managers of earlier generations, then surely leadership in the near future will look and feel new. Therefore, the nature of work is about to change in fundamental ways.

By participating in this session you will:

  • Build an understanding and appreciation of the intergenerational dynamics in the workforce
  • Learn techniques and habits that allow us to better inhabit and thrive in a multigenerational workforce
  • Recognise how to apply diversity and inclusion to different generations, in order to engage and retain high potential colleagues
  • Recognise the generational paradigms, aligning to enable new ways of collaboration and management, whether as a team leader or colleague.
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